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Originally Posted by Master Shake View Post
My point is that the owners CANNOT legally hold back salaries. They cannot 'control themselves' because they can then be sued.

If the owners get together and the bulk of them says to the teams like say Philly " Hey you cannot hand out any more big contracts like that Weber deal", they have then broken the law and will get killed in court in damages.

THIS is what people need to understand. I see so many fans who do not understand CBA stuff say " its the owners fault they cant control themselves". This thread is for those people and there is sadly ALOT of them
This is all pretty much irrelevant under the last CBA. The players got 57% of revenues. Whether that's spent responsibly or foolishly, no more or less than that number goes out. If the owners got together and colluded to keep salaries down, the cap floor STILL forced them to spend to 57% of revenues. If there were an underage, the GMs would be docked escrow money which would be given to the players.

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