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10-29-2012, 01:05 PM
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I think the players are less sympathetic because they aren't being upfront about what they want. Say what you will about the owners, they've been very clear that they want a system that gives them more money because according to their numbers, a lot of franchises need it to stay afloat. What do the players want? Not money obviously, since they've already lost more than they would have gained even if their past proposals were accepted. Not "to play," because if that were the case they'd propose some sort of linked proposal that is more in their favor in order to get down to real negotiations and then start playing. I honestly don't know what they're shooting for and it seems like they might not either.

On top of that, the players are constantly spitting out statements that obviously misrepresent the facts if you've been paying attention.

1. They say owners want to "not honor their contracts" because "honoring a contract" is equal to paying 100% of the number they signed for as is their contracts were never going to adjust to the CBA. Untrue.

2. "We were willing to play under the old CBA" makes no sense at all. If they were willing to negotiate while playing, why didn't they start negotiating during last season? It'd be the same exact situation as extending the CBA a year and negotiating then.

3. "We offered 50/50" has been proven mathematically to be untrue. They offered situations which might, if everything goes as they planned, provide 50/50 at some point down the line.

4. They say the league has record revenues therefore they all deserve raises as if revenues = profits.

5. They keep repeating that they lost the last CBA even though their averages wages increased 100% over an 8 year period.

The owners are upfront about why they want what they want. It's money. The players haven't articulated exactly what they hope to get out of this, and they've attempted to justify their mysterious demands with misrepresentations of reality at every step. I dont think either side is objectively "right" but I find it alot easier to understand what the owners want and why they want it.

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