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Originally Posted by Officer Farva View Post
I think he meant that there are no guys down there who will come up and be difference makers. Ya, some of those guys will make the NHL, but will any really be difference makers? If they make the NHL, they will be 40 or so point forwards, (with maybe an exception to Kadri), and second to bottom pairing dmen.

They will just be replacing the guys the leafs already have who fill those roles.

Leafs need a legit top line guy, not more middling players who replace the middling players they already have.

Rielly looks to be that type of player on the back end, and hopefully they are able to grab another this year.
I know what he meant. Your right that they're just going to be replacing players but they're better replacements which is what we are striving for, aren't we? Not everyone has to be a difference maker.

We have Lupul. Kessel, Gardiner and Grabo who I believe are difference makers. The jury is still out on Kadri and I believe McKegg is a darkhorse but I have a feeling he is going to be an amazing player.

Devane >>>>> Rosehill/Orr
Ross>>>>>> Armstrong/Brown
Holzer >>>>>> Komi
Kadri >>>>> Bozak
McKegg >>>>>>>>>> MacArthur

Blacker I am not sure who he'll replace or what he'll end up being but he will be a part of the team.

Colborne even if he falls to the third line will contribute and I forgot Ashton who will also be a great 2nd/3rd line tweener.

Not to mention the players that aren't even on the Marlies like Percy, Reilly, Finn, Broll, Leivo and Biggs.

I mean look at all that potential. Sure a small percentage will be difference makers but all combined they'll make a huge difference. Burke isn;t even done yet and the future is looking bright.

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