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10-29-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by alphafox View Post
Not directed at me, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. Right now we have a bunch of young guys in the D pipeline and a young blue line (Tyutin is the oldest @ 30 if you disregard Aucoin who was brought in to help teach the young guys.) Most of our prospects have roughly the same potential as top 4 blue liners. Murray seems like a legit top pairing guy with a floor of being a top 4 guy. Moore and Erixon look good from most accounts in springfield and look primed to play in the NHL. Add into that Savard, Goboulef, and Weber and our D is deep enough to absorb some subtraction to make the rest of our team better. By next season we are looking at a blue line with no space for our young guys with potential to play. I like most of our blueline guys, but the only one untouchable for me is Johnson. The rest of them could potentially net us major assets (1st round pick, blue chip prospects) for the to build the forward corps with. Imagine swinging a deal where we get a first and prospect for Wiz. That opens up our Blue line to include say Murray, Moore, and Erixon, while at the same time netting us more assets to build the other parts of our team.

When you look at the cupboard on the offensive side of the puck it is sadly lacking. Johansen and Atkinson seem to be our only guys with top six playmakng/goal scoring potential, and we can have hard working lunch pail guys till the cows come home, but you still need to put the puck in the net. We currently lack talent in the offensive zone, the 2013 draft should help to fix that as we should be able to grab at least one of the elite players in the draft. If using some of our blueline depth lands us another major offensive talent I'm all for it.
I agree, but he was wanting to trade the young guys. One reason you build depth, imo, is so you can trade the higher priced guys when the prospects are ready. Not so you can trade those younger, cheaper players.

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