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Originally Posted by EddieAVS View Post
As far as im concerned, the NHL is the best hockey league in the world, in terms of overall talent, revenues, fan support, etc.

My POV on the players is simple. Because the league is the best in the world and generates the most revenue, I expect the players to be treated better than any other league and get paid better than any other league. I think, whether youre pro-owner or pro-player, we all agree.

But heres where I draw my line. The EXTENT to which they are the best treated and highest paid, is to the sole discretion of the owners. As a fan who spends money on the NHL in various ways, I accept the fact that I am choosing to put that money into the hands of the owners, who then decides who gets what from my ''investment''. If he decides to only give 50% or 25% of every dollar i spend to the players, well as an owner, thats his prerogative.

The players always have choices. They CHOOSE to play in the NHL where the owners dictate the way things go. You cant really go into a league where are the leverage is in the owners hands and expect to have things go your way.

As I said earlier, as long as the nhl players are the best treated and highest paid, then i think theyre getting what they deserve. Whether that be 10%, 50% or 200% more salary than another hockey league like the khl, is simply the owners decision. Each and every hockey player whos in the NHL had the choice on whether or not they wanted to be there. And by making that choice, you accept the nature of how the business functions. If you dont like it, you go somewhere. If owners were only paying 10% of hrr, and you dont like it, you go somewhere else. Theres a reason the players go to the nhl, its because working and salary conditions are the best.

Just follow the money. All gate revenue, tv revenue, merchandise revenue is given to the OWNERS to allocate accordingly. Hence, they choose where and how much of it goes to who.

At 50/50, this seems to follow the market of other sports leagues. In fact, considering that then nhl makes less overall revenue and more importantly less TV revenue, it seems the players have it pretty good for being #4 out of the 4 major sports.

The players know full well that there is no league comparable to the NHL. They have no other options, except for a handful of players.

And by standing their ground, whether it be moral or whatever, with the cancellation of 25 games or so, theyve already lost more than the difference between the two latest offers. And its all about money. And no matter what offer is settled on, the players will still be the highest paid and the best treated hockey players in the world.

And the owners, those blood-sucking owners, CHOOSE to have it that way.
Your understanding of revenues seems the same as most players'. For instance, General Motors could record record revenues and still lose billions.

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