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10-29-2012, 01:48 PM
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I really think the contracts were negotiated in good faith. I think Leipold was able to separate the contract offers from the CBA issues at the time, just like Ilitch, Snider, Wirtz, etc. I can't see so many of these owners colluding on offers (especially upfront bonus money), so I think Leipold's offers were legitimate.

I believe Leipold (I don't like him) negotiated in good faith and I think Suter knows he should have kept his mouth shut. Leipold isn't going to hesitate to try to get some money back but I really think his focus was landing the FAs. If he was looking to nickle and dime over the summer, he wouldn't have put the bonus money up front instead he would have loaded up the front of the salary or he would have tacked on even more salary than the competition because he knew he would get so much back.

It's a shame Fehr didn't have more time to get the players to work through some of these situations, it would have prevented some of these ridiculous rants.

at least their would be entertainment value to the lockout.
I agree with this. I'm enjoying the rants, even if they are a bad idea.

Dan Boyle being a fool too, sucked Marleau right in. I actuall do feel bad for StLouis, so I'll give him a pass. Snakebit when it comes to the timing of labor disputes.

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