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Originally Posted by CN_paladin View Post
Your understanding of revenues seems the same as most players'. For instance, General Motors could record record revenues and still lose billions.
No, it seems you didnt understand the idea of my post.

My point is, it only logically makes sense that in this type of industry, (hockey leagues), revenues tend to dictate the salary. Whether or not proportions are the same from league to league

The idea is that in 2 hockey leagues, if ones revenues are 3x that of another league, yes, costs are higher, and so, player salaries are higher.

My argument has absolutely nothing to do with revenues vs profits, nor should it, as thats not my line of thinking.

Players in the NHL should be paid higher than other hockey leagues, BUT, the owners have the right and IMO, deserve to choose how much they want to pay those players out of HRR, whether it be 40% or 60%.

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