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10-29-2012, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Predaleafs View Post
Since the war started, 158 Canadians have been killed in this war, that you say we are not fighting. 6 were killed by Friendly Fire as well.
Do you not understand the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan?

When the invasion happened, the Canadian forces sent their first element of soldiers, secretly of course. Only this year did Harper in the Nato Summit, say that we will stop fighting, while some soldiers will stay in Afghanistan till 2014 to help train their army.
Again, do you not understand the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan?

Also, in August of 2012 we,deported an American, who after fighting for 3 months in 2006, left because she was disturbed by what she say. Kimberly Rivera fought for the Army and has 4 kids. She is now in Military custody. Being forced to fight in a war she doesnt want to.
She wasn't drafted, she and everyone else is a volunteer. They took everything the military had to offer (pay, training, etc.) but then didn't want to so their duty. Darned right they should be sent back to the US to face their legal system.

On september 1st in 1939, Germany invaded Poland. 2 days later France and the British Colonies declared war on Germany. and a week later so September 10th Canada declared war on Germany.
Gee, thanks for the info. Do you think it is a news flash or something? I wish they had taught me that during my B.A. in History, my Master's degree in military history, or sometime during the first four years of my PhD in military history.

Meaning we were in war on Septemeber 10th 1939
Wow, thanks for the news flash.

nice try bud.
No, the nice try is yours. And it is hilarious.

The Thrid Reich or Nazi party was put into power in 1933 with the election of Paul Von Hinderberg.
Wow, nice fail.

Hindenburg (you might try getting his name correct) came to power in 1925 and he was not a member of the Nazi party.

PVH helped the Nazis get into power, he allowed most of Hitlers ideas in 1933, because he saw a limited team Hitler ahd while Chancellor and believe any radical moves could not happen. As Hitler was Chancellor he was number 2, so he did nothing to offended the Army or president.
You might want to do a little research. While Hindenburg played a key role in the Nazi rise to power, he and Hitler detested each other and he was most certainly not Hitler's #2.

In 1934 PVH Died of Lung Cancer and Hitler became President. While in the great depression he had created jobs for a big amount of Germans, using Military money and government spending.
And another news flash.

In 1937 Hitler opened up Entartete Kunst, which is degenerate art. The only art allowed was Germany and many pieces were racist pieces. The Gestapo and Henrich Himmlers men wiped out any part that was against the way Hitler say this and then killed Jews.
Wow, you're a real credit to whichever high school you graduated from as you couldn't be more wrong. The killing of Jews started behind the lines on the Russian Front and progressed from there to mass killings. That was not in 1939 - maybe you should look up some details on Operation Barbarossa. In fact, Hitler used Jews as it suited him (primarily for economic purposes) until they were of no further use to him.

All before 1939,Hitler would threaten war if France and Britain didnt do what he said, so they went along with Some of his things hoping he would be satisfied.
Wow, thanks for informing me that appeasement happened.

On November 9/10th of 1938, Kristallnacht happened.
Again, thanks for the news flash. Are you getting all of this from Wikipedia or something?

So, if you want to say everything i said above went unnoticed and we went into war in 1939 just to join you can, but i have more than basic knowledge of this stuff.
No, you really don't. In fact, you barely have the most basic grasp on what happened or why. If you'd like to learn some facts send me a PM and I'll provide you with a list of books from which you might actually learn something.

My understanding is above most, as i research this on a wide scale.

No, your understanding is tenuous at best. You barely know the most basic of facts and you certainly do not have a real grasp on what happened or why. But keep convincing yourself that you do - I'll put my history degrees and the fact that I teach both modern European history and military history at the university level up against your alleged 'research' any day.

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