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Originally Posted by Master Shake View Post
My point is that the owners CANNOT legally hold back salaries. They cannot 'control themselves' because they can then be sued.

If the owners get together and the bulk of them says to the teams like say Philly " Hey you cannot hand out any more big contracts like that Weber deal", they have then broken the law and will get killed in court in damages.

THIS is what people need to understand. I see so many fans who do not understand CBA stuff say " its the owners fault they cant control themselves". This thread is for those people and there is sadly ALOT of them

Donald Fehr filed Collusion suits a few times against the owners of the last sport he worked for a PA
An individual owner can do whatever he wants to control his own salaries.

He can make the decision (like Burke has) that he won't sign these sorts of deals. He can make a decision to not give anyone a contract above $4 million / year or longer than 5 years.

There is absolutely nothing illegal or collusive about that.

Collusion comes in when a group of owners get together and say "Ok, none of us offer Crosby more than $5 million a year, that way he'll be forced to sign for that much"

Collusion, by definition, cannot apply to only 1 owners. It must apply to a group of owners working in concert.

NHL owners absolutely could keep salary down if each of them individually made a decision not to try and break the bank on every contract. Instead they choose to engage in a bidding war.

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