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10-29-2012, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Comments on Round 1 picks:

Seth Martin: It's difficult to see how he's not the best goalie in the draft, and also the best player. Comparing goalies to forwards this far down is difficult, but Martin stood above all other available goalies in a way that no other positional player even approached.

Eddie Olczyk: It's strange that chaos didn't like the pick at first. I don't see what's not to like. He wasn't a bad all-around player, and his 5-6 best seasons are right in line with about 9 other guys who are all good 1st line centers in this. There is very little separating this group and I think he's in it. he's not one of the first few I'd have personally taken, but that's me splitting hairs.

Don Raleigh: Absolutely the best pre-expansion center available. Percentage scores miles ahead of the next best guy. And he didn't benefit from better linemates either, from the looks of things. Also had an epic playoff.

Pelle Eklund: Did he do a lot outside of the NHL (before age 22 and after age 30) that I'm not aware of? His NHL numbers are decent. But not great either. Not a line killer (I had him top-20 for post-expansion NHL scoring centers), but a good step behind the Olczyks and Jokinens of this draft.
What does Olczyk have over Eklund besides that he played 4 seasons before 22? Olczyk wasnt nearly as good two-way center in his younger days as Eklund were. Eklunds has better playoff performances, a better international track record (although both were dissapointments in the CC's).

Olczyk might have a small edge in regular season scoring as his .77 PPG probably gets boosted a bit since he played a bit into the dead-puck era.

Pelle Eklund is better than Jokinen in every way except regular season offense.

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