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10-29-2012, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Devil Dancer View Post
So the players' attempts to drum up public support, however ineffective it may be, somehow makes the owners' bargaining position more appealing to you? That doesn't make sense.
I think the reality is that it makes the players themselves less palatable. It started out as billionaires vs. millionaires. Thanks to differing PR approaches it became billionaires vs. smug, uneducated millionaires with a distinct sense of entitlement.

That's not to say the owners aren't smug, potentially uneducated and have a similar sense of entitlement. Rather it means they or their handlers have been smart enough to lock them away where they can't do themselves any harm. If I saw a smarmy, fat owner sipping on $10,000 Scotch and lighting up a $2000 stogie while calling the players cattle it would be pretty darn off-putting and the players might receive more sympathy from me. But the owners have been intelligent, said nothing and let Daly and Bettman take the heat. The Fehr's have taken equal heat and I despise all of them quite frankly.

Most of the player comments simply elicit one of these from me though:

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