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10-29-2012, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
1) Gambler's Fallacy has very very little to do with gambling. The argument you're putting forth is "good money after bad" that because the players lost a ton of money, they now have to bet more.

2) This wouldn't even be true in the absolutely ridiculous scenario where the players somehow come out of negotiations with a better deal than they had under the last CBA. It is impossible for the average player to recoup a year's salary with the difference between the 2005 CBA salary projection and the league's offer over the remainder of their career. While certain young players on short contracts could possibly hope to recover that over their career, they wouldn't even be able to get it over the term of the CBA being negotiated. That's just talking about the difference between the 2005 CBA and the league's proposal. The actual difference between the NHLPA's proposal and the league's proposal is even less.

Put simply, there is no way for the players to "win" financially. This is just an ego-trip by Fehr trying to remove the cap being sold to players as "getting revenge for the horrible things done in 2004." The only horrible thing that happened in 2004 was that the NHLPA leadership refused to allow the members to vote on any proposals (players later said they would have accepted had there been a vote) which is exactly what the NHLPA is doing today.
I never said the players would "win" financially. I said they would only completely lose thier money from this year but would still have salaries from future years. Its quite obvious that the players already lost money in real dollars. I am just saying that they have other motives besides 'real' money. What I don't understand is what that is exactly.

It sounds like the players fear that the owners will just take more and more each and every CBA. If the players stand up to the owners and get a deal done on their terms (no immediate roll backs), the owners will think twice before trying to take from players in future years. If the owners do manage to take from the players this time, it will cost them dearly. Its just some asinine ideological battle that will hurt both sides.

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