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10-29-2012, 04:11 PM
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At the risk of repeating myself: The NHl and the NHLPA have seriously miscalulated here. Hockey will be fine in Canada...and I suspect a great many fans will attach themselves to lesser leagues while the lock out proceeds.

But the (southern) US market is really going to dry up. As Y2K correctly points out, there is no natural market for the game down here...and you cannot include a bunch of retired snowbirds who are more intested in the early bird special than spending their evenings (and their pension money) at a hockey arena.

Secondly, a lock out hat wiped out the season is money that has disappeared forever. You don't recover that kind of loss of dollars.

Both sides are already blinking, and blinking hard. People with a brain, from either side, alady know this is a bad idea. But it looks like their heels are dug in so hard that there does not seem to be much movement.

So Bettman maybe gets what he wants but then we'll see a number of franchises relocate or go bankrupt over the next few years and the NHL will go back to being the regional sports league that it always was.

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