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10-29-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by porknbeans1000 View Post
Players negotiate, owners also happen to have far more connections in the media world so therefore they have massive amounts of leverage. Sheepish fans lap up the owners' strategy
Owners have more leverage overall.

However, players have more leverage within the media. For a few reasons:

1) Players have actual relationships with the media guys, the owners do not share the same type of relationship.
2) Media needs the players more than the owners. Although we have seen petty disputes between owners and media (Wang and Botta come to mind) lead to a blackball of some sorts. If a media member is deemed to be anti-player, players can easily blackball him.
3) Media in general leans pro-labor, pro-union.

I think its a difficult argument to make that the owners have been receiving the better press. Larry Brooks, Greg Wyshniski and countless others have essentially doubled as a PR wing for the PA.

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