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10-29-2012, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Swarez99 View Post
That's the point though, they all have an opportunity to make money, something owners are saying they can't do with this system. Even with a 50-50 split Phx, FLA, Columbus still will lose money. This lockout isn't solving any problems, its just lowering the loses or increasing the gains depending on who you are.

Let the leafs/rangers/habs spend- tax them, that money goes to lower teams. have it tiered so tax goes up depending on how much over the cap you spend. Let teams retain all talent drafted, let there be a chance of a dynasty which will actually create sustained interest.
It won't work in the NHL though as they do not have that massive TV contract.

Its real simple, if the NHL had 2B a year in TV cash, they could split 50/50 with the players and then have 33M per team to hand out. Heck, even Phoenix is viable.

But the hard fact is they do, nor will they ever. Baseball wouldn't have that contract if they were not the only sport on TV (for the majors) for a good portion of the year.

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