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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
No LTE and no expandable memory on the Nexus 4 is a ridiculous decision. Talk about going backwards.

In the world of non-unlimited data, I would never want a device that so heavily relied on the cloud.

With that said, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous device with what looks like an amazing screen. I just don't now why anyone would want to give up LTE or expandable memory with only 8 or 16GB options (I could see giving it up for 32 or 64GB).
Pretty good explanation why the lack of LTE:

As for SD Card storage, here's why it's a sticky issue:

If you read through the whole thing you understand why Apple won't ever do SD Cards.

But that being said, it's a complicated technical issue involving data concurrency.

Originally Posted by Benny Lava View Post
The lack of an sd slot sucks, but I don't get why no LTE is a ridiculous decision. The difference between it and HSPA+ is negligible, and a lot of Verizon customers seem to be fine with going to another provider.

It'll be interesting to see how many people go the unlocked route.
Not really "negligible" when the speed increases are in the order of 100-200% speed increases.

I think sales will continue to be poor for the Nexus devices, and it didn't help they didn't get to unveil the devices at an official keynote event because of Sandy.

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