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10-29-2012, 05:01 PM
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as other's have said, NHL on NBC isnt in jeopardy at all for the next 10 years.. but i do find that quote posted above rather interesting. And what we all have to remember is that when the deal was done, it was before NBCSN even existed. The mission/vision of NBC was to create a sports platform that would not only one day compete with ESPN but maybe be on somewhat of the same level. In doing so they signed this deal with the NHL and the NHL was to become the "big dog" as far as coverage goes. By doing this NBC was going to devote 3 (sometime's 4) channels to give exclussive coverage of the PO's. Now, this "big dog" whom NBC was relying on to grow the NBCSN (which is under a year old) now has to put MLS on. Yeah im sure this will turn out to be great for them in 10 years, but from what i understand they could careless about that now, and care more about putting hockey on there channel

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