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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
The players (for the most part) don't know what they're doing, and they just listen to and obey their leadership. Look through these two threads for example after example of that. The "how we got here" Paul Kelly story alone says enough of what the players' "plan" is.

Remember, we're talking about professional hockey players here. Sure there's a few Parros and Powes out there with a quality education, but most of the few who went to college at all never graduated, and many never gave a serious effort in classes. There's plenty of players who came up through the CHL whose education level is equivalent to a high school dropout. These people are often wholly dependent upon others to explain things to them, and one only needs to look at Heatley's issues with his former agent to understand how that relationship often works out.

The players ousted their previous union leadership in the dark of night by a secret ballot which only a select few were allowed to vote upon based upon false and incomplete information because a couple people had personal conflicts and career aspirations that were hidden from voters. In their panic to fix the disaster they brought upon themselves, they brought in an infamous crafter of repeated work stoppages who openly admitted to his ulterior motives.

This is the reality of the lockout, and it has little to nothing to do with the actual league. The owners are almost bystanders in this because they are united by the will of Bettman (seriously, if you want to understand how great of a job Bettman has done, look into league leadership prior to 1995) and they're negotiating for their own well being and existence, not for bravado and a puppet show.
Leave it to Squidz to turn labor negotiations into a Dan Brown novel

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