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10-29-2012, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
The owners are allowed to collude now to restrain salaries by having drafts, owning players rights, restricting free agency, capping the amount a player can make, a team can spend, and the league can spend overall. And the reason they are allowed to get away with such collusions that restrain players salaries is because the players union agreed to it.

Now thats a pretty big concession right off the bat. The PA doesnt have to agree to it. But they do, and it costs the players hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Now you would think when approaching these partners, asking for even more concessions even though league revenues and overall profits are up, even though some teams are losing money but still being sold for $100 mil capital gains, you might try an approach that has advanced beyond those of 1930's mob syndicates through their consiglieres.
LOL @ all of that being a concession. The PA doesn't have to agree to anything...but then again...they don't have to play hockey ever again either. The reason they agree to it is because it makes them BILLIONS of dollars a year.

Even more concessions? The aforementioned things have to be concessions first.

You realize that in order to concede something, you have to have it first, right??? The league's revenues may be up...but it's lopsided in that a few teams are making the lions share.

The owners are the only reason the players make a check playing this game. Without owners, regardless of what league you're talking about, there are no professional sports leagues...there are no professional athletes. The players assume zero risk. When teams lose money, they pay no part of it. When they're injured, they still get paid. When they suck, they still get paid. They can't even be cut. When the exchange rate goes goofy, the players don't have to suffer any part of that burden. They dont' pay for flights. They don't pay for equipment. They don't pay for the medical or training staff. They don't pay for hotels or meals on the road. They don't pay for the arena or its upkeep. It sounds like the owners go out of their way to take care of the lions share of EVERYTHING so all these clowns have to do is keep in the gym and play a game.

When the players actually have anything material to give outside of the ability to play (which other people not currently in the PA are more than capable of doing), they might have a legitimate gripe. In the meantime, they're going to have to sit there and cry about being paltry millionaires who have to endure what seems to be SUCH an insufferable work environment.

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