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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
More on Eklund/Olczyk:

Linemates are a factor, too. These are Olczyk's best seasons, broken down a little further:

1989: 90 points. Led Toronto by a wide margin; 15 points. that includes players like Leeman, and also Damphousse, who was just a year younger.

1990: 88 points, 3rd on Toronto. Played with Leeman and Damphousse, who had 94 and 95. He was 3rd, but was not far enough behind that anyone would call him a point suck.

1988: Led Toronto with 75 points, 14 more than 2nd place.

1986: 79 points, 3rd on Chicago, behind Savard (obviously) and Troy Murray. Murray had 99 points, in a Ryan Kesler-ish output he wouldn't come close to repeating. Since Larmer and Savard were joined at the hip, he presumably played with Murray. It's interesting that, although he had the lowest PPG on his line (Curt Fraser was the other winger), he outscored both of Savard's wingers - Secord and Larmer.

1992: 65 points, 2nd on Jets, 1st among forwards. Clearly Housley and Olausson ran that offense, but Olczyk was their most prolific forward, scoring 15 more than anyone else.

1991: 57 points in 61 games after coming over from Toronto (0.93). This was easily the 2nd best scoring rate among forwards, after Thomas Steen (1.16). After that, it was Pat Elyniuk, who played with Steen (0.81) and Brent Ashton (0.59) who, based on the roster, I presume played with Steen as well. This means the best linemates Olczyk could have had were Paul MacDermid (0.52) and Doug Evans (0.49).

In Eklund's case, in at least a few of his relevant offensive seasons, didn't he play with Tim Kerr? Kerr, of course, topped a point per game every season from 1984-1990, excluding '88; Eklund never did.
Eklund was used pretty much as the defensive guy on his line at all time. This is what I meant with Olczyk wasnt that good of a two-way player in his early years.

Its funny that you bring up Kerr who was injury plagued most of the time Eklund was there. He played with different linemates most of those seasons. I think the best offensive line he was on were with Propp and Tocchet. Also Eklunds problem werent his on ice skills but having Keenan as coach and his knee injuries. Eklund is most likely the best playmaker here.

As for Olczyk I dont think they are worlds apart. Pretty similiar if you ask me. Both are ahead of Jokinen though.

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