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10-29-2012, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by PDO View Post
You're grossly underestimating how much of a say Tillman has in who the coaches are.

You're also missing that keeping Crandell is good for Tillman... it gives him someone to let go as a scape goat (which will actually be the third time that it's happened to Crandell in less than 3 months, given first he had an "adviser" come in and then he was "demoted") to distract attention from the fact that he took away a guy who has thrown for 140+ passer ratings and 8 TD's in his last two games... for Steven frigging Jyles.

Following the spin coming from this organization (and lets not forget that ANOTHER quality person left this organization in the last week... common trend since ET took over) is dizzying.

Esks will be a **** show until ET is gone, and likely for a year or two after given all the damage he's done.
Keeping Crandell is not good for Tillman. I'm sure he'd give his left nut for this franchise to have at least matched last season's record and justify the Ray trade. By keeping Crandell around and allowing the team to sink to this level, he looks like an idiot who is more interested in not offending his head coach by canning his buddy than winning as many games as possible this season. And now he's opened himself up to all sorts of criticism. While I happen to believe that we'd probably have the exact same record as we do right now if Ray was still our QB, not everyone will share this opinion, and any casual fans will most certainly point to this as the reason.

Is simply keeping Crandell around as a buffer and then firing him in December really going to take the heat off ET? Not a chance. Tillman gambled that Reed and Crandell could sort things out, and he's poised to lose that gamble. Very badly.

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