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Originally Posted by CanucksnWpg View Post
Omg yes I ****ing do. I used to be a union rep thanks. Been apart (at my other now non union job) of de-certifying a union as well.

Most employees do not get locked out by their employers. Employees only go on strike when it's absolutely necessary. Most employees will work through on-going negotiations and without a contract. BC librarians have been for over a year already. My job we didn't get a new contract until around Christmas when I first started. Oh yeah and so did the University of Winnipeg professors; they worked without a contract as well.

I've never seen someone play hardball nearly as hard as the NHL has been with the PA. It's disgusting.
You honestly think that if the NHL let the players play during negotiations that the players would not strike right before playoffs under the guidance of Fehr??????? Or for that matter, anytime it suited them and gave the NHLPA needed leverage?

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