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10-29-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Hammer Slammer View Post
Our 5 year old cat is orange, so we thought if we got an orange kitten it'd be easy for him to adjust... not so much. They've played a bit but most of the time there's hissing and growling.

The kitten (Carlos) likes to climb pant legs whether you're sitting or standing. I learned this morning not to sit at the computer in boxers before work. Scratches all up my left leg.

Here's a staredown from yesterday.

They'll be okay. Zoey (the older one) and Taz were okay with each other. If we brought in another kitten now, they'd both probably kill it. Zoey knew that Taz was just a baby when we got him. Still remember him when we had mcdonalds the first night we had him and he walked off with the hamburger pattie that was bigger then him

I'd post pics but I'm too lazy. I'm nickynickyninedoors on twitter. Have pics of them on there.

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