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Originally Posted by CanucksnWpg View Post
Omg yes I ****ing do. I used to be a union rep thanks. Been apart (at my other now non union job) of de-certifying a union as well.

Most employees do not get locked out by their employers. Employees only go on strike when it's absolutely necessary. Most employees will work through on-going negotiations and without a contract. BC librarians have been for over a year already. My job we didn't get a new contract until around Christmas when I first started. Oh yeah and so did the University of Winnipeg professors; they worked without a contract as well.

I've never seen someone play hardball nearly as hard as the NHL has been with the PA. It's disgusting.
You kidding? I remember my union striking 11 years ago because the employer's offer of raises of 2.5%, 2.5%, 2.0% and 2.0% over four years was apparently a slap in the face. Then 9/11 happened and put everything in a little perspective. The union signed the offer and 4 years later I think they went on strike again (I'd moved on).

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