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Originally Posted by Justin St Pierre View Post
Yeah...I'm not one to tell other people how to manage their finances, but for the record, I did attend both a private university and a state one. The state one was more serious about academics, offered me more opportunities to carve out my own path, and provided me with a ton of assistance and connections job-wise. One of my professors got two students internships at a major company years ago, and every summer since they always asked for students from that particular school because they were the only ones who knew anything and had a work ethic. Obviously, I mean not to discredit what private schools do, or the students who attend them. In my individualized experience, I'd never have even looked at private schools if I could again. I also understand that different people have different ideas about what they want from a school; I'm admittedly introverted and really just wanted to be there for academics and not an experience/anything social. That said, I think there's a ton of merit in those kinds of things for people who want them, and if someone individually chooses to pay that much to get a different experience, I can't tell them it isn't worth it for them personally just because it wasn't worth it for someone as abnormal as I am (rarest Myers-Briggs personality type, IQ of 141, went on a date each time Blake Wheeler stayed onside for a total of two dates in my life...).
Have two close friends (wedding party) who went to Salem State and Southeastern Mass and both are certifiable millionaires after (separately) starting successful and I might add first business. The rest of the crew as nuts as they were and still are do well- I'm probably the low man but according to what I been reading I'm rich but doesn't seem like it. If I did it all over again I'd still go to Salem State and get a degree and have a great time. Degrees are great but in the end it is the person. I could care less hiring if you are Ivy or JUCO.

the Blake Wheeler comment alone shows you have a sense of humor....however, if you are still going by that premise you are getting more ass than John Holmes during his MVP season. Wheeler turned the corner in Winnipeg where on sides became the norm.

ok, time to go watch football with my dog and pray that this storm doesnt take out that big mother ****ing tree in the back yard and take out my garden house and my neighbors fence (which I also use, but he bought it first and I just added the rest of the look)

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