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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
It's a little different. Because it's so easy for anglophones to avoid accidentally hearing some French, and because it's damn near impossible to escape the anglophone influence, just about any francophone can follow along with an English broadcast, while most anglophones wouldn't be able to pick out more than two or three words in a French broadcast (even now, having studied French rather intensively for three years, I find it extremely difficult to tune my ears to French television because they talk so fast, and just the flowing nature of the language that makes it difficult to tell where one word ends and the next begins).

Obviously that doesn't make a difference for those who are sitting and watching the game, but if you're doing stuff, and have the game on in the background, it's impossible to follow along.
Don't worry it's the same thing for us. Imagine I learned english in the air forces and my teacher was a Major Claire, coming from England If I listen to british programs, no problemo ! But US or canadian english... It's more difficult because of pronounciation, speed, slang etc...

Imagine having to make a phone call in Texas for business !!!

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