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10-29-2012, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by OpenIceHit42 View Post
Guys that are pretty much out of control and have zero idea what their doing. Was skating in a pickup game last night and a guy who could barely stand fell and fell into the outside of my right knee and bent it inward, little sore today but could've been a hell of a-lot worse.

I understand not all people have been playing hockey for 22 years like myself but c'mon do some of us a favor and go to an open skate a few times before you decide to come out to a pickup game if your new to the game.

Those are the guys that get you hurt more than anyone else. Even worse than the guy who can't skate is the guy who can skate just well enough to be dangerous. You know the guy, going about 100 mph in a straight line, but can't turn or stop. Oh yeah, and he always has his head down. Got a concussion a couple years ago from a guy like that on my own team in rat hockey when I made a quick cut back move in the neutral zone and he was following the play and ran into me full speed.

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