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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
The QB play was no worse than average in three of those games you list. I didn't watch much of the vs BC game, so I'm hesitant to comment on either coaches or QB's in that one.

QB play was more than adequate in both Labour Day games, and we were let down by ****** decisions from the sideline. Those two games were the turning point in the season. Jyles was decent in Winnipeg, but of course the fumble to blow the game is what sticks out. I'm not sure this is a QB issue though, since anybody could have fumbled. And if Nichols is inserted earlier, or Reed doesn't foolishly concede a saftey that resulted in 9 points against, we win in Montreal. I would say the @ Sask game is the only instance where QB play was CLEARLY a bigger factor in the loss than poor coaching.

The QB play hasn't been good enough, there's no denying that, and that's defintiely on Tillman for not bringing in adequate personnel. But the coaching has been even worse, and that's something that a team can rarely overcome, whereas decent coaching CAN overcome QB deficiencies.
We lost @ Winnipeg 100% because of our QB. Game was won, he fumbled.

Outside of that, he was a whopping 16/30. 244 yards. 2 TDs. And of course the fumble that cost them the game.

I'll give you average on LD.

The rematch was putrid though. The offense produced one TD in that game and finished with 18 points. That doesn't cut it in the NFL, nevermind the CFL.

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