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10-29-2012, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by PDO View Post
We lost @ Winnipeg 100% because of our QB. Game was won, he fumbled.

Outside of that, he was a whopping 16/30. 244 yards. 2 TDs. And of course the fumble that cost them the game.
But the fumble wasn't a "QB issue" in the sense you're talking about. Any QB could have fumbled that ball, or any RB or receiver. It didn't happen because Jyles sucks as a passer.

I'll give you average on LD.

The rematch was putrid though. The offense produced one TD in that game and finished with 18 points. That doesn't cut it in the NFL, nevermind the CFL.
The playcalling was what was putrid. We ran a bunch of awful 4-yard pass plays on 2nd and long after completely abandoning the run before the game even started. Joseph completed 80% of his passes in that game, really not much else he could have done other than audible out of Crandell's horrid plays. This was the game where Charles, Boyd, and Messam all dressed and each got about 2 carries. It was one of the worst coached games I've ever had the displeasure of attending.

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