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Originally Posted by s3x View Post
(NYX) NYSE Euronext‏@NYSEEuronext

There is NO truth to report that there is water on the #NYSE trading floor. There is no water in the building or in surrounding streets.
Not sure why CNN would be so lax with that report....but no surprise if in fact the report is bogus

Edit: Well according to this.... Wall Street does have water with cars floating down it.....who knows

By multiple accounts, the flooding in lower Manhattan is stunning.

Below are several pictures, but before you read them, check out this dispatch from the NYT's Hurricane liveblog, which describes cars floating down Wall Street... it should help make the below images more believable:

As the evening high tide was drawing closer, there were reports of flooding in several low-lying areas around the five boroughs, places that had not in recent memory experienced flooding. In Lower Manhattan, water crossed South Street, and cars could be seen floating on Wall Street on television screens at the ConEd headquarters. In Brooklyn, water had piled back onto Van Brundt Street — which flooded during the morning high tide — well in advance of the evening high water mark. At 7:25 p.m., Ninth Street in Gowanus was a nearly uncrossable river of water.

Read more:

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