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10-29-2012, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Long Duk Dong View Post
This is rubbish. The franchisees of McDonalds all pay basically minimum wage. The franchisees of the NHL are no different (slightly higher pay scale though).
Yes they are different. All of this has been hashed out in court many times. The NHL is not McDonalds.

Why can one be subjected to "holding back" salaries but the other isn't?
Because one operates under the auspices of the Sherman Act and US antitrust law, while the other does not.

Just like ticket prices where the cost is set by what people are willing to pay. The cost of players to the owners should be what they are willing to pay as well then.
A free market system such as that would not allow the owners to collectively impose any restrictions on player salary or movement.

I'm a Teamster that works at UPS. A 20 year driver makes the same as a 5 year regardless of who delivers the most packages. Almost every other labor union does it the same way. Which is another thing that pisses me off. Our CBA is set to expire 7/13. Negotiations have been going on for over a year already. The NHL and NHLPA dragged their feet and this is the result.
This comparison might be relevant if UPS, FedEx, and DHL tried to negotiate as joint entity with workers.

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