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10-29-2012, 10:47 PM
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sticks used:
Sherwood 530, lasted a month, weighed 100 pounds. I got what I paid for.
Sherwood 5030, lasted forever and light. great stick
Sherwood 9950 SOP, basically an improved sherwood 5030. Unfortunately, the paddle length was huge and the curve sucked so I can't use it.
Reebok X-pulse X10, worst paint job ever. It's basically chipped off at this point after just over a month of use. It's also pretty heavy. However, the kolzig curve is just awesome.
Reebok 7k ps3 composite, only composite stick I ever used. The lightness was awesome, but the paddle length didn't work for me. It also broke down after a month and started rattling and lost all puck playing capability to speak of. The luongo curve is also absolutely terrible. It also broke while I was flexing it.
CCM Heaton 10 pro return legace, just an awesome stick. Super light, a tank, perfect paddle length, sweet curve. Unfortunately mine is basically dead and is being held together by tape and they don't make them anymore.

I also tried out swagger and a bauer 7500, but they were used and basically dead and unusable.

I've yet to really find a stick I really love yet. I'll probably go back to sherwoods for my next stick once this xpulse undoubtedly explodes on me.

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