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10-29-2012, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
Nah hes been beastly for 3 consecutive playoff years aswell as the olympics. Guy just plays his best in high pressure situations

The fact that the Kings shot 6.2% with Doughty on the ice whereas the Sens shot 9.5% with Karlsson on the ice sure helps that 42 point difference though.*

Doughty ran really really really really bad to crush advanced stats all season long like he did and only score 30 points. Not his fault goalies were godmoding the Kings all year long.

If you swap the on ice shooting %'s for them, shock, Doughty would have outscored Karlsson.

In before people think shooting % that far below the average is a result of lack of skill and not luck

*not to mention the hilariously large difference in PDO between both. Doughty having a stupidly low PDO of 986 and Karlsson having a high 1013
Lol, you don't get it do you.

Karlsson IS the reason we are scoring and shooting so much. He makes **** happen.

He was on the ice for most goals scored for more than any player in the league, what else do you need to know, smfh. With that statistic alone it should be clear why he's the best defence man in the league. He was on the ice for most goals scored for by ANY PLAYER. Ahead of Rocket Richard Malkin and the such. Therefore he has the most positive impact, therefore THE MOST VALUABLE. Scoring goals= winning games. Or is it not?

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