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10-29-2012, 11:51 PM
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Round 2 comments:

Olli Jokinen: I agree that he's in the running for best offensive center in the draft. His value may drop a bit in the playoffs due to uncertainty, but in the regular season he could be the best.

Anatoli Semenov: 4th, 5th, 14th in the Soviet league in scoring, and nothing too special at the NHL level. I'm in a Kamensky-type situation here, trying to determine how much of each situation should be poured in the bowl in the recipe for the truth here.

Bill Carson: Love Carson. He's the wild card of the pre-expansion NHL centers. He might be the 2nd-best after Raleigh... he might even be THE best. It really depends how much one values his years in the senior league. I did a pretty good bio a couple years back; you might want to look for it.

Lee Fogolin, Sr.: Not a bad pick. But missed one guy who I think is clearly better. Also, see Frank Eddolls. Are these guys similar or what?

Daren Puppa: I don't know. I had him pretty low on my list. After reading the comments, maybe I shouldn't have. I haven't done enough fine-toothed-combing on the goalies to know for sure where I'd rank him in this draft.

Warren Godfrey: This is the guy. Now, awards recognition says he was nothing special, and that's fine. But just 24 defensemen had full-time NHL spots, and for 11 straight seasons (and parts of 5 more) he was one of them. That's like 11 straight seasons of being a #2/3 defenseman today (40th-80th overall or so). I think his GP total alone is evidence enough that he was a quality player and an elite MLD defenseman. Definitely a step up on Eddolls and Fogolin. Not an indictment on them; they're fine, but he probably should be on an MLD 3rd pairing. We may have defaulted to him over Lidster if you had given us the chance to.

Bud Poile: Based on offensive record alone, he's fairly underwhelming for a AAA scoring winger. he definitely belongs here, but I would have thought as a mid-round, 2nd line pick. It's that all-star team, I think it seduces people. And that's not to say it's meaningless, just that it means something intangible that might make up for some lack of offense, but how much? And is it a symptom that he did more than just score some points?

Al Dewsbury: See Lee Fogolin Sr. and Frank Eddolls. Offensive edition.

Tom Kurvers: I see him as a bit of an offensive specialist at this level. Maybe not a guy you'd bury on a 3rd pairing but someone you'd take a bit later. 21.0 minutes a game for 659 games for average teams (good thing I checked that last part out, because I thought his teams were terrible, guess not!). He could put up points, but they also came at a cost.

Frank Eddolls: Perhaps a slightly better Lee Fogolin, only because he got into an all-star game on merit, and he has that 5th in 1945 all-star voting.

Dan Hamhuis: A stud. I'd have loved to get him, but I guess we can't get every player we like. I thought we could steal him later, but I thought wrong. Enjoy.

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