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05-16-2006, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by digitalmonkey
Please, you must be trying to be wrong. Sundin as good as Thornton? Richards? I don't understand how you can say he makes everyone he plays with a 30 goal scorer since nobody other than him scored 30 for the Leafs this season, and he only managed 31. Clutch? Yeah, he looked clutch in those back-to-back games against Montreal when he did very little. However, he did have that big night late in the season when the Leafs were all but eliminated.
Please, the only guy who showed up against Montreal was Sundin. He was a one man team out there, everyone had given up but him. He's the guy who scored the 2 goals in the 6-2 loss. And how did he "only" manage 31 goals? He played 70 games, returned from a serious eye injury that badly affected his play and still put up 78 points. He was the most dominating player down the stretch with Crosby. Maybe you dont remember Jonas Hoglund, but he was one of the worst players on a pathetic Habs team, Sundin turned him into a 28 goal scorer. Everyone that played with Sundin, turned into a goal scorer, and most we're 3rd/4th liners. Sundin is easily as good as any center in the league. The only thing you've proven tonight is that you know nothing of him or havent ever watched him play. Besides, I have Mike8's aknolewdgement, thats all i need .

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