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10-30-2012, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
Nothing at all, but with how the TV contracts in sports have been increasing.

Do you think the NHL TV contract will be worth more in nine years, yes or no?

May be unfair to respond to you while Sandy is flooding NY.

I get nervous about predicting the value of something 10 yrs out. If you exclude inflation, and you assume that the NHL continues to growth at 5-7% in HRR, then yes, it's reasonable to say it should be higher.

The unknowns are things like interest in the WC. Does that continue and grow, or does it start seeming like a fad or rehash? Is there something to take its place? The NHL was willing to take a fixed sum that was generally not massive as compared to the other leagues or their Canadian contracts for the next ten years. I'm not sure why they weren't more optimistic.

That's not to quibble, just my impression.

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