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10-30-2012, 01:02 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCA View Post
I am not quite sure what you are arguing. Are you stating that what I am saying is not true? Are you arguing that because I said I was Canadian that somehow makes everything I wrote untrue? Are you saying that Canadians do indeed not deeply understand the NHL, its problems, and who's to blame for them? You can post emoticons, personal attacks, and try and show off your "wit" to the to the rest of the internet, but I am trying to have a discussion with everyone about the problems the NHL currently faces, and where some of the responsibility for those problems lay.
I think it's more the view that Canadians are somehow more qualified to know what is best for the sport..... And lets not forget that the Canadian market was in big trouble 10 years ago and that the government was pondering subsidizing teams.

And you do realize that a lot of the things you listed are voted on by GM's at meetings, and have nothing to do with Bettman, right? Like equipment changes and no-touch icing?

Interviews during the game? That was all NBC, and that kind of thing happens in all TV sports - basketball, baseball, etc (which is where they got the idea).

Bettman isn't perfect, but hockey has grown leaps and bounds since he took over, it surely hasn't been run into the ground.

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