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Originally Posted by PDO View Post
They certainly didn't help.

That said, neither did trading draft picks for Inglis and letting Tim St. Pierre walk without an offer.

Neither did trading away a HOF QB without getting back a single impact player.

Neither did giving away a 1st round pick for a kicker worse than the one we have (that we traded away a HOF QB for).

Neither did failing to attract any kind of Canadian FA except for Rottier, who moved himself here.
Grant Shaw was not worse then the kicker we had, in fact I prefer him to our former kicker. I love the pick in the deal since we turned it into two players who will have a impact on this team in the future. Yes, I would of rather Jyles be someone like Andre Durie or Chad Owens but you don't always get what you want. I think the direction has been imminent since Maciocia that this team needs to "rebuild" desperately.. My definition of rebuilding is not sucking and getting high picks since that rarely works in the CFL its bringing in talent that will have a impact on the team in the future. The players I listed in my earlier post will have a impact. I think we are currently rebuilding without letting anyone know. (I admit the Brody McNight deal is horrible and I have no idea what Tillman was thinking when it happened... In my opinion the value is worse then the Ray trade) I think we are sitting in a good spot for a team with no QB and if we make the playoffs thats great also. This offseason is a lot more important to me than if we make the playoffs or not this season. Tillman needs to bring in a QB that can play QB and not the scrubs we currently have and then begin to fill out the rest of the roster. Im on the fence about Kavis, I think he's a good coach who has made some terrible decisions this season. I would think about the decision and would not just jump to it either way. This off-season if Tillman is still here needs to be about finding a good QB (not a capable one if even that)...I would seriously try to look at bringing Rielly and if that fails MacPherson (who I think is a very good QB and the player I would prefer) on top of that don't spend a second away from looking at potential Eskimos in the states.

(This is all pending Tillman being back)

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