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10-30-2012, 03:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Marius View Post
I'm a bit confused because I thought that year 1994 is pretty good for the german national team (with guys like Draisaitl, Kahun etc.)...

I'm not exactly an expert on the other teams though, so... Can anyone give me some more infos about the year 1994 and 1995 and how good they are in comparison with other european countries (plus which players are the most interesting german players so far)? That would be very awesome. Thanks!
The way I see it, 1994 lacks really great talent, but there is quite some depth of decent players (E.g. Artem Klein, Patrick Klöpper, Marcel Kurth, Dominik Tiffels or Sven Ziegler). 1995 has some highly talented guys like Kahun, Draisaitl and possibly Tuomie. I also like Tim Bender, Markus Eisenschmid, Frederik Tiffels, Janik Möser and Kevin Orendorz.

However, as far as I know players born in 1993 are also eligible for this tournament, and I do believe that most of the other countries have better players from that year.
We have Rieder and couple of others who aren't bad, but I'm pretty sure other teams will get more from their older players.

Still, if none of the key players are missing, I believe they can avoid relegation. I just wish we had better goalies.

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