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10-30-2012, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Quethas View Post
That is just way too small defense in my opinion.
Not really, given how this is an U18 squad. So consider again. I'd say that two of them are quite big, the four are average-sized and only one (Ilvonen) seems rather small. Sure, they could be bigger, but as of right now, they're sitting quite comfortably in the average.

Save for one or two exceptions, they don't really lack the necessary height to be effective, but some bodily mass. But that should easily be amended in the coming couple of years.

Of course, if we are to view them as the best of the crop and figure whether they'll be NHL hopefuls one day, I'd say some in that list will be fighting an uphill battle due to their size. But it's not like we get 100% turnouts ever. If even two or three of them ever get a decent shot, it's a quite good result.

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