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Originally Posted by CanadianDestroyer View Post
I'm really calling a lot of doubt on this one: no way is the NHL expanding to 32 teams anytime soon (another southern team will move to Canada before that ever happens). Another team in Toronto seems to have become the popular rumor to be kicked around on a slow news day: I can't imagine anyone wanting to have a team in the same city as the Leafs. Yeah, the Leafs have the longest running active drought at the moment but no way are its fans going to throw away what is essentially family loyalty for what could be seen as an upstart. Quebec, though, I can see happening but not via expansion but through another team move like I mentioned.
Half the population of Toronto wasn't even born in Canada. Then factor in a whole bunch of transplants to Toronto from other parts of the country. This Leafs "family loyalty" thing doesn't really exist any more. Kids now in Toronto have absolutely no reason to like the Leafs, even if their parents and grandparents did.

Today's adult generation grew up being force fed Leafs and only Leafs on TV during the long and painful 1980's, they really had no choice but to like the Leafs. There are far more non-Leaf fans in Toronto today than ever before. Internet, TSN and NHL Centre Ice assure that you can get non-Leaf coverage day and night.

A second team in Toronto is a no-brainer. Ottawa was at least in theory full of Leaf and Habs fans before the Senators showed up and now there's a whole bunch of Senators fans. Same thing would happen in Toronto - some portion of fans would decide the new Markham Majors would be their favourite team, others would still be Leaf fans but would actually go to Markham for games. It would work. Easily a top-10 revenue team in the NHL.

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