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10-30-2012, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Ar-too View Post
Maybe not, but it's the only recourse fans have, isn't it? Fans, especially NHL fans given the last few labor disputes and how they've turned out, essentially suffer from battered wives syndrome. I don't begrudge any fan throwing in the towel on this nonsense. It's a great sport. It's great to watch live, but is it really worth all this?
Worth what? How are we, as fans, injured by this? Seriously, we are being drama queens. We miss a few games or a season. Big deal.

I'm really trying to understand the angst from fans on all this. I get greater angst when ticket prices go up. What, we might have to spend more time with our families and/or friends?

Let's keep this in perspective shall we. The ones that are more directly injured are those employed by the NHL teams and I'm not talking as much about the players, most of them have options.

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