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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
I hear ya, but I`ve also watched far too many playoffs where I`ve seen Bruin players or otherwise just not have "it" when the playoffs arrive, whether it`s the fatigue, injury or an opponent who`s gameplan just stifles another teams approach. The Caps played constant Kitty by the door hockey and the B`s didn`t/couldn`t figure it out.

Was it frustrating?? Yep, but I never expect our boys to be able to dominate nor bring it all the time, it just isn`t reasonable. Watching the Nucks a bit last year in round one you could see them being suffocated by the Kings, those puck races that they would usually win they didn`t or couldn`t, not sure if the Kings had more will, or if the Nucks tank ran empty.

Most of us here will never know just how tough it is to be a player, march to then win the finals, then come back the next year, everyone gunning for ya. Not making an excuse, tis merely a reality, and why we just don`t see repeat runs to the Cup anymore these days
Watching the Caps infuriated me because they took well advantage of the NHL allowing the obstruction crap back in the game. The Bruins were not without guilt themselves but the Caps would've spent the entire series in the penalty box if the games were enforced like they had been in November or December. (It was late winter / early spring where I noticed things had changed).

Bergeron is one of the top 2 or 3 faceoff men in the NHL and it all came down to 1 OT goal, a game where he could barely hold his stick, nevermind being used at the faceoff circle. It may seem innocuous but the basic rule of thumb is this: possession is key, the other team can't score if they don't have the puck.

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