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Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
Stajan was a meh center who made the most of who he played with i.e a product of who he got to play with. He was a guy who racked up assists by default. Grabovski is twice the player Stajan ever was or will be. Are you telling me you'd rather have Matt Stajan over Grabovski?
He made the most of who he played with? That's a good thing.
A product of who he played with? Not if you consider that he led the Leafs in points in 2008-09 and in 2009-10 (pre-trade) and his 09-10 pace was a better PPG than any Leaf posted full season numbers. He slowed down in Calgary but still would have been #1 in Toronto.

And he still has that kind of offensive ablity, he's just not used in that role.

As far as preferring Stajan to Grabovski... if I can have my choice of two centers who are the same age and similar skill level offensively, but one of them is strong defensively, I'll take the defensively skilled one. That might be because I'm a Wings fan and two-way centers are how the Wings have built their team for 30 years.

Originally Posted by Mr Ball Hockey View Post
I'd love to get Stajan back on the Leafs, but not at the price of Grabo. If we had a true #1 centre, having a core of whoever that is, Grabo, Stajan, and Steckel/McClement is solid. The only issue there is the #1 would have to be a righty because Grabo/Stajan/McClement or Steckel are all lefties.
Well, you've already traded Bozak in this scenario; Grabo makes more sense as a move to wing than Bozak. It also means one of McClement/Steckel is either on the wing or traded.

I've heard talk that JVR will be put at center. If true, this provides that #1 center. Alternatively, Lupul was originally a center and could be put back in the middle between JVR and Kessel. He's also a righty. The big problem there is that neither of them can seem to win faceoffs.

That leaves Grabo, Bozak, Connolly, Lombardi, Steckel, and McClement as centers who are competing for the 2-4 jobs. Making my original Jbo/Stajan/Backlund for Grabo/Bozak/Gunnarsson deal turns the center depth after JVR/Lupul into Stajan, Connolly, Backlund, Lombardi, Steckel, and McClement. Connolly, Lombardi, and Backlund are the likely wingers of the three as they're the sub-50% faceoff men and their games aren't particularly reliant on playing center for success.

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