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10-30-2012, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCA View Post
As to some sort of entitlement on my behalf.. This is not an argument that I feel is worth responding to, or something that we should be debating, but I guess I will bite. Canadians', by and large, understand the game on a deeper level than a lot of fans in the US. I am not saying I understand the game more than YOU, or a lot of people on these boards, but I am saying that Hockey is a Canadian sport, there is no arguing with that. The sport means something to our national identity. There is absolutely no disputing that.

So I guess my growing up in Minnesota and being in hockey rinks most of my young life (along with a huge number of other young people in this state) was all for naught because we'll never "get" hockey like the Canadians do... I mean nevermind that the state shuts down one weekend a year during the Boys State High School hockey tournament, or that they broadcast high school hockey games on the locel tv stations here. We clearly don't have the same connection to the sport as Canada.

Just stop trying to make this arguement, please, just stop. Hockey may have started in Canada but at this point the game has grown beyond being a Canadian thing. People all over the world grow up with the same connection to the sport of hockey nowadays that people in Canada have. I know a guy that grew up in Halifax had never heard of the Mooseheads and then moved to Calgary and had no idea that the Flames played there until I told him...

A large number of people in Canada have a strong connection to the game, that's very true. But it's no different than what kids in Minnesota grow up with, or what kids in Sweden post Peter Forsberg in the NHL grow up with. What about the kids in California that grew up watching Gretzky in the 90's? Guys like Emerson Etem, Beau Bennett, and all the other roller hockey players? Yep same connection to the game that your average Canadian has. The young Russian kids that play in the KHL that grew up watching and wanting to be guys like Mogilny, Tretiak, Bure, Fetisov in the Soviet Russia days? Same connection to the game of hockey.

The sport of hockey has grown beyond being simply a Canadian thing at this point. It's an international game that has international appeal. I understand that hockey was born in Canada, and that it's a big part of the country's history. But hockey belongs to the world at this point, and as far as I'm concerned you can get off your high horse and join the rest of us in enjoying the game Canada has given all of us or you can continue to be a miserable stuck up snob with a feeling of superiority just because you were born somewhere that thinks he knows what's best for "his" game. One of those is a lot more fun than the other is.

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