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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
The "best" solution, in my opinion, would be to simply push the draft age back to 19. You've got a new CBA to negotiate, the draft is governed by the CBA, it seems like an easy concession for the players to make. Screws over the few 18 year olds who may have made it to the NHL right off the bat, but how many of those are there anyways? 5-7 a year? In the meantime teams get a better handle on the players they are going to draft, what with them being a year older and all, junior teams get to keep their stars, and we don't have to screw around with some sort of bizarre lottery that in the end really doesn't make much sense to anybody.

Similarly, if the season is lost (and I still don't think it will be) it would also be the perfect opportunity to re-do the schedule so it's not finishing in the summer. Have training camp start in August (players have been off for a year, they won't need to recuperate from a long playoff run), and the season start on Labour Day. "Close the cottage, open the arena!" One month earlier than it normally does, in other words. Stanley Cup would then wrap up in early May, thus freeing up more players for the World Championship, and keeping fans who might otherwise have been engaged in more summer-like activities. Victoria Day Draft, free agency begins June 1st, everybody enjoys July with their families.
You know what? That's a brilliant idea. if the NHL is going to base their draft on results of the season, then if there is no season, no draft. Makes perfect sense.

The most fair draft solution by far. Brilliant. And the 2014 draft would be killing. To be fair to young players, add an extra 2 rounds, one time only.

And starting early next year, and keeping it that way, is also a very good idea.

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