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10-30-2012, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Where did you read that?
I think you're making that up. Or reading it from someone who is making it up.

The PA was in NYC all week waiting to talk tot he owners and the owners refused.
I'm not interested in finding the source. I may have remembered or interpreted it wrong. I don't care, it's not the point.

The general sentiment is that each side is trying to turn the fans against the other side. Each side is saying "WE are being proper polite negotiators and the other side is acting like babies". Well you know what, I don't care because the fans shouldn't be taking the PA's side, OR the League's side. The fans should have their own independent side, where we say "**** all the millionaires, give us back our hockey". We're working middle class and we're eager to throw money at the people who bring us our favorite form of entertainment, but when they start squabbling over who gets a bigger chunk of our paychecks I got nothin' more than 2 middle fingers to show them in reply.

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