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10-30-2012, 09:38 AM
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Don't wait till the deadline to lock up your goaltending position boys, if last season showed anything it's that playoff seed battles are rough and it's really hard to catch up if your behind. And you just can't bank on an ok goalie "getting by", that just won't cut it when we sim games during the double advances, that's a recipe for racking up the losses. Look at last year's goalie stats, all the teams with goalies in the top end finished extremely high. We've trimmed a lot of the fat from this league, and we're left with a lot of good teams and only half as many playoff spots.

Neuvirth is still on the the block, as well I would not be opposed to dealing Luongo either if a proper deal presented itself. I'd prefer to keep Lui as my team is built to win now and he has a higher ranking for this season, but after seeing Neuvirth level up I'd be confident keeping him as my starter instead. I've got two guys who are gonna be able to carry the load big time in goal, in return I'm looking for a similar level player at a different position, whether it be in their prime or a young guy with great potential.

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