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10-30-2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
The "best" solution, in my opinion, would be to simply push the draft age back to 19. You've got a new CBA to negotiate, the draft is governed by the CBA, it seems like an easy concession for the players to make. Screws over the few 18 year olds who may have made it to the NHL right off the bat, but how many of those are there anyways? 5-7 a year? In the meantime teams get a better handle on the players they are going to draft, what with them being a year older and all, junior teams get to keep their stars, and we don't have to screw around with some sort of bizarre lottery that in the end really doesn't make much sense to anybody.
What would happen to previously traded 2013 picks?

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