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10-30-2012, 10:34 AM
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While I think that contracts ought to be honoured it makes sense to say that that includes all the terms applicable. If the player for some reason no longer has the compete level whether due to outside issues or just a lack of intensity from having a rich secure life the club must still pay his contract according to its terms. Similarly if a contract is tied to terms in a cba then those terms must be acceded to. Jack Johnson and others understand what they see as their rights--ok-but
they must give some heed to the rights of the the guy on the other side of the contract. That guy--the owner must pay, subject to contractual terms, no matter how crappy the player turns out to be. Jack Johnson knew that part I am sure when he signed. Now he complains when the owner says I want contracts to be bound to whatever cba we can agree on after negotiations. Whatever the agreement turns out to be he will have his say in a vote--just as Joe Schmo will have his say about minimum wages that are 10% of what Johnson getssomething that he and others are happy to keep low so that they can be paid more at the top.

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